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Diabetic Socks • 12-Pairs


The unique sock design is specifically tailored to be non-restrictive and promotes blood circulation.


Diabetic Crew Socks (2 Pair)

Loose-fit top enables maximum circulation & help reduce foot swelling and increase comfort.


ActiveLife Diabetic Socks


Start feeling relief and comfort in socks designed for people living with diabetes, neuropathy, or edema.


The Ultimate Solution for Foot Pain!

The first time I put them on I know I had made the right purchase. They fit great and the top does not cut into your leg like some others I have tried. I would order more but I m 85 year sold and I got 12 pair when I ordered. Hopefully I live to wear them all out and if I do I will cut down on my order. Thanks Anyway.

Kenneth R.

Verified Buyer

I absolutely love the socks! They are the softest socks that I have ever owned and they are the most comfortable. They keep my feet at a perfect temperature… Not too hot, not too cold, just right! I can’t wait to tell all my friends about them because they are just that great.

Sharron S.

Verified Buyer

My husband has been unable to find socks that didn't leave a ring on his leg and nearly cut off circulation. Was skeptical about trying them at first because the others always cut into my legs bad and were very hard to get on and off but these are great and they work even better.

Rod W.

Verified Buyer


What Our Customers Are Saying

The Ultimate Solution for Diabetic Foot Pain!

The Real Deal

I've had foot fatigue and pain for years. Even with other compression socks, my feet would swell and hurt, making walking difficult. These Bamsocks are the real deal! I wear them walking, working out, etc and my feet do not swell and do not hurt! I highly recommend these

Peter P.

Wore During Chemotherapy

I wore these socks all day during my chemotherapy, 12 hours. When I took them off to get into the shower, neither foot was swollen! I was able to see all my veins and bones instead of fat swollen feet. That was greaaaaaat. They’re not too tight that made me uncomfortable , I never noticed I had them on .

Timmy G.

Perfect for Sensitive Feet

"Socks are very lightweight, feel great on my feet and best part is the very minor band mark on my legs at the top of the over calf style. No more taking my socks off at night and my legs looking like they were strangled all day."

Greg A

Diabetic Socks Benefits

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